Escape to the Silver Globe

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Year | 2021
Country | Poland
Running time | 92’
Format | 4K
Production | Silver Frame, DiFactory, Kracow Regional Film Fund, Mx 35, Polish Film Institute
Director | Jakub Mikurda

On the Silver Globe (1977/1987) by Andrzej Żuławski could become one of the most groundbreaking science-fiction films in history. The momentum of the production promised a masterpiece. So why did the cinematographic authorities halt the production two weeks before filming was completed? Did economic considerations decide about it? Political? Artistic? Personal? The iconic, unfinished film remains and inspires the filmmakers around the world. And the emotions of the team, as strong today as forty years ago. Escape to the Silver Globe is a document of the greatest mystery - and the greatest, unfulfilled dream of Polish cinema.