* ZagrebDox 2015 (Croatia)

* Best Documentary - Jerusalem Film Festival
* Objectif d'Or and Public Award at the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival in Brussels

Life Sentences

Category |Current Affairs, Human Interest, Human Rights
Year | 2013
Country | Israel
Running time | 92’ & 52’
Format | HD
Production | Nurit Kedar
Director | Nurit Kedar, Yaron Shani

An Arab man marries a Jewish woman. They give birth to a girl and a boy and live in quiet harmony among the Arab-Jewish community. Nobody realizes that behind dozens of mysterious terror attacks which trembles the state of Israel in the late 60's stands no other than the Arab father. When he is caught, his Jewish wife and kids become "a family of an Arab terrorist".

The mother decides to flee the country with her kids and settle in, on the other side of the world, in the heart of the Jewish Ultraorthodox community in Montreal, Canada. No-one suspects the real identity of the boy and the girl who study shoulder to shoulder with other religious Jewish kids. When they grow up, the two will take opposite roads – She will become an ultra-orthodox Jew, and he will fall in love and marry his Muslim cousin.

Mommy-Nimer-Shlomo-Solomon-Ahmed-Pinto is this lonely boy who had lived in many worlds, talked many languages and had many names. His sad view embraces humanity in compassion which can only be produced by his unbelievable story.

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