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Voices of the Sea

Category |Current Affairs, Human Interest, Social Issues
Year | 2018
Country | UK
Running time | 90’ & 52’
Format | HD
Production | Labor of Love Films Ltd
Director | Kim Hopkins

Voices of the Sea takes place in a remote fishing village in Cuba. Mariela’s (30’s) first husband drowned trying to flee Cuba on a raft. Mariela’s second husband is aging fisherman Orlando. Together with their four children they subsist, caught in a Cold War time warp of limitation, lacking even the basics, yet they’re deeply in love.

Whilst Mariela weighs leaving the family and risking her life escaping, Orlando devotes himself to fishing on the open sea, and passing on his craft to their teenage son; a craft integral to his own identity, his code of behavior and nature’s order. Whereas Mariela represents the younger generation yearning for opportunity, Orlando accepts his mortality and place in the world with grace, wisdom and wit.

Mariela’s unrest only increases after brother Roilan reaches the U.S. on a homemade boat. She is also undeterred by their neighbors’ first failed escape attempt, and follows the debacle avidly after they reach an abandoned American lighthouse near Key West, Florida on their second escape attempt.

Orlando doesn’t believe that the “illusionary” American dream would compensate the pain of family separation. But, the increasing number of American tourists is driving up prices as the island’s limited resources are diverted into tourism. It’s a heartbreaking dilemma. Will Mariela make her desperate plunge into the unknown?>

Voices of the Sea presents a balanced, empathic and distinctly lyrical portrait of contemporary Cuban realities, hopes and dreams in an age of political uncertainties, vying Chinese, Russian, and U.S. interests, and still constricted freedoms.   



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