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Category | Education, Religion, Motherhood
Year | 2019
Country | China - USA
Running time | 88’ - 52’
Format | HD
Production | Mijie Li
Director | Mijie Li

Chaoyan, a young wife and mother, discovers the ancient teachings of Confucianism and hopes they will restore balance, respect and morality to her home. She becomes a zealous convert and involves her impressionable four-year-old son in her rigorous routine of chanting daily mantras. Little Chen may not yet understand the recitations’ meanings, but mom is confident she’s planting a seed for the future.

Chaoyan’s husband, Mei, finds their study schedule excessive, but tolerates it until she proposes that Chen attend a year-round Confucian school. While Confucianism’s primary purpose is to instil peace and harmony, the opposite occurs between this husband and wife as their beliefs clash and their arguments escalate. A gripping portrait of marital and parental crisis, Confucian Dream demonstrates the devastating effects of misplacing your expectations of a spouse onto a child.


"With great sensitivity, Confucian Dream presents the viewer with the specific outcome of a woman’s conversion, but at its heart, it explores universal truths about relationships."
    - by Chelsea Phillips-Carr, Point of View Magazine, (Hot Docs 2019]strong>PRESS PHOTOS