*Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada)
* IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* TRT (Oran/Ankara, Turkey)
* DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Finland)
* EIDF (Seoul, South Korea)
* Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival (Pittsburgh, USA)
* Cleveland International Film Festival (USA)

* Special Jury Award - EIDF
* IDFA 2014 - Nominated for Best First Appearance


Category |Education, Human Interest, Youth
Year | 2014
Country | India
Running time | 52’ - 60’ & 96’
Format | HD
Production | Storyteller Ink., Helsinki Filmi
Director | Abhay Kumar

After witnessing an act of brutal violence, a film maker starts following the lives of four students at one of the toughest med schools in the world. However, as the camera starts infiltrating this complex mindscape of ambition and restless youth, a startling new reality begins to emerge- one in which lines between life and death blur easily.

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