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For Vagina’s Sake

Category |Current Affairs, Education, Health, History, Human Rights, Sexuality, Women, Youth
Year | 2017
Country | South Korea
Running time | 84’ & 52’
Format | HD
Production | Keam Production
Director | Boram Kim

Women eat, sleep, and bleed. This bleeding has been symbolized as mystery, impurity, and inferiority, but this long-lasting taboo around menstruation started to cracking up.

Women all over the world voiced up and NPR crowned 2015 as the Year of Period. This big wave has arrived in Korea. The wall of information collapse, and women demand their right to choose how to bleed. 'For Vagina's Sake' follows the history of bleeding and social issues happening in modern societies. With colorful animation and fast-paced editing style, it is nicknamed as "Period Wikipedia."

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For Vagina's Sake  For Vagina's Sake  For Vagina's Sake  For Vagina's Sake