* Docaviv (Israel)
* Sao Paulo*Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK)
* Open City Docs (London, UK)

The Electric Mind

Category |Health, Human Interest, Science
Year | 2009
Country | Israel
Running time | 60’
Format | HD
Production | NoProcess Films
Director | Nadav Harel

The prospect of manipulating our minds with machines has for decades been considered a cybernetic fantasy belonging to the realm of literature and cinema. But nowadays the accelerating advancements of brain science are materializing into a genuine cure for people suffering from mental illness and brain disorders.

The Electric Mind is a filmic journey into the heads and hearts of four people suffering from debilitating brain disorders: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Epilepsy and Dystonia. As these people undergo groundbreaking treatments involving intervening with the electric activity of their brain, questions arise about medical ethics, our brain-body and brain-mind interactions and about the essence of our personal identity. Recent conceptual and technological advancements in brain sciences are turning science fiction into genuine medical reality for the millions suffering from brain disorders.

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