Dear Mother


* World Premiere: Busan International Film Festival Wide Angle

Dear Mother, I Meant to Write about Death

Category |Health, Human Interest, Women
Year | 2022
Country | China, USA
Running time | 63’
Format |
Production | Introvert Films, Fish+Bear Pictures, CNEX Foundation
Director | Siyi Chen

After the mother and daughter have lived apart - sometimes even on different continents - for more than 10 years, destiny brought them back together. They meet at the same hospital where Siyi spent her childhood and where Dr. Shen worked for her whole life. However this time, Dr. Shen is no longer the invincible doctor but a cancer patient, and Siyi raises questions she never got to ask as a kid. As the mother and daughter face old scars and an uncertain future, they build a deeper bond by completely taking off their armors in front of the camera.

Their journey is a story about finding power from vulnerability, and love from our deepest fear. It’s never easy to talk about mortality with our loved ones. It’s even harder between a physician mother who excels at hiding her emotions under rationality and a daughter who spent her childhood solving math problems in the hospital and shutting herself from the cry in the morgue.

They avoid conversation about mortality and related feelings at all costs - until the mother becomes a cancer patient and the daughter becomes her caregiver.