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Category |Health, Human Interest, Human Rights, Religion, Sexuality, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2015
Country | Israel
Running time | 80’ - 52’
Format | HD
Production | Transfixed Films Inc
Director | Alon Kol

Transfixed tells the story of a highly unconventional romance: Martine Stonehouse and John Gelmon are middle-aged “underdogs,” living with Asperger Syndrome –an autism spectrum disorder that makes communication with others extremely difficult. Martine is also a transsexual activist in Toronto, who wants the genital reassignment surgery that will change her into the woman she has always believed herself to be. Martine and John both dream of getting married. Yet, John—who identifies straight—will not marry Martine unless she “gets a vagina.” The only problem: no doctor in Canada will agree to perform the surgery on Martine because her obesity makes her a high-risk for both stroke and heart attack. Before John and Martine can fulfill their dream of living as husband and wife, they will have to overcome Martine’s battle of the bulge, John’s stubborn-mindedness, a series of medical complications, financial woes, and a stressful race to pull off the ultimate wedding – one that simultaneously celebrates and smashes down romantic conventions, and one that is as unique and compelling as they are.



Uncovering The Connection Between Autism And Gender Dysphoria

- by Dan Avery, Editor in Chief NEWNOWNEXT

‘Transfixed’ paints an intimate portrait of an amazing woman

by Amanda Clarke, CINEFILLES, real girls, reel talks

‘Transfixed’ documents a love story with gender complexities

- by G. Allen Johnson, SFGATE

It's heady stuff rescued from ivory-tower theorizing and placed in the context of the real world and real people, making Transfixed a timely, important film.

- by Ernest Hardy, LA WEEKLY

Transfixed offers an intimate glimpse into a complicated life

- by Michael Lyons, PLENITUDE Magazine

"Alon Kol chronicles a love story facing more challenges than most."

- by John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"A real life strory with complications."
- by Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

Truly 'Transfixed' by a documentary about a couple in transition
- by Gary Goldstein, The Los Angeles Times

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Alon Kol is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked in the film and television in both Canada and Israel. He has directed and edited documentaries for History Channel, National Geographic, Discovery, and Vision TV. Kol has also produced and directed his own short award-winning films, which have been shown on television and at numerous festivals.

His film, The Field , was winner of the Film Director Special Award at Cieszyn Film Festival 2006 in Poland, and his film, A Wish , was the winner of Best Actress Award at Q2FFF Film Festival 2007 in Toronto.

Transfixed is Kol’s independent documentary feature, which has been supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Toronto Art Council, Ontario Art Council, and the National Film Board.


Holy Threads, (2008) A documentary episode 22 min, from Documentary series The Naked Archeologist, for Vision TV Canada, and History International channel US

A Wish (2007), fiction 7 min

The Field (2006), fiction, 24 min

Zone (2005), documentary, 17 min,

The Bridge (2004), fiction, 5 min

Come with me (2003), fiction, 10 min,