CPH:Dox, Thessaloniki


Category |Conflicts, Current Affairs, Human Interest, Human Rights, Politics, Social Issues, Women, Youth
Year | 2024
Country | Switzerland, Iraq
Running time | 94’
Format | 2K
Production | Filmgerberei GmbH, Rola Productions
Director | Maja Tschumi

Milo is a rebel, a feminist from Baghdad. She sneaks out of her house every day in her brother’s clothes. Pretending to be a boy allows her to experience a freedom she does not have as the daughter of a conservative family.ge protests that rocked Iraq in 2019, he locks her up. But Milo doesn’t give up. She continues to fight for her freedom and that of other women in Iraq. A dangerous game that eventually forces Milo to make a brave decision.

Khalili is a filmmaker and a fighter. During the „October Revolution“ he was ready to sacrifice his life for a new Iraq. He filmed everything with a Go-Pro camera, giving us exclusive insight into the protests, putting his life in extreme danger. Traumatized by the bloody crackdown, Khalili now longs for stability. He decides to start a new chapter and gets engaged. When conflicts between two fractions of the government arise again, he has to choose between his family and his camera.

In three chapters, IMMORTALS follows the protagonists in the aftermath of the “October Revolution”. Milo and Khalili reflect two sides of a gender-segregated society, giving us extraordinary access to an unknown and hopeful side of Iraq: its youth.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - @The Guardian
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - @Sight & Sound
"Thoughtful" - @Variety
"Kinetic, frantic, breathlessly intense" - @Screen Daily
"Beautiful, cinematic monument" - @Business Doc Europe
“Precise yet never repetitive, Immortals is a dystopian film that turns into an ode to fragility, and it shows the contrasting feelings of those who allowed themselves the luxury of hoping that David might kill Goliath.“ - @Cineeuropa