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* IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic)
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* International Francophone Film Festival Bratislava (FIFFBA) (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Prix SRG SSR idée suisse - Visions du Réel - Nyon


Something about Georgia

By Nino Kirtaze
Zadig Productions
| 99' - 58' | France | 2010 |

The film is a political fable that depicts the frail equilibrium of the world and questions the values of international politics. It takes us through a critical and violent year in the life of Georgia's young and fragile democracy- from the presidential election of January 2008, when everything seemed possible, to the chaos of the August war with Russia and the sobering aftermath - and raises questions about political responsibility and the morality of international affairs. The story is told through its main actors: the Georgian president, the Georgian government, the political opposition, foreign leaders , international delegations and organisations and the ordinary Georgian people. Georgia is seen as the stage of a Greek theatre on which various players of international politics are performing their roles.

The film intimately captures the human and political drama of those months, when Georgia found itself briefly and unhappily at the centre of global attention, and poses searching questions about the modern world and its values, a world in which hope for the smallest always lies but a step away from despair. While the bombs do their business during the short-lived Russo-Georgian war over South Ossetia, politics lives in Russia's struggle with Europe over who "inherits" Georgia and its mind and soul.