* COPRO 2016
* Docaviv (Tel Aviv, Israel)
* Budapest International Documentary Festival (Hungary)
* Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)

* Best Debut Film - Docaviv

Wild. Life, Death and Love in a Wildlife Hospital

Category |Animals, Human Interest, Social Issues
Year | 2018
Country | Israel
Running time | 60’
Format | HD
Production | Anemos Productions
Director | Danel Elpeleg, Uriel Sinai

Patient-doctor relationships are always complex, but when the patient cannot talk or make decisions for himself it becomes particularly complicated. This is the everyday reality for the protagonists of this film: Ariella, a veterinarian, and Shmulik, the chief caretaker of a wildlife hospital. A parallel universe with its own questions and rules.

Through love and Sisyphean labor they try to treat their patients, as they are confronted with issues that are also applicable to life outside the clinic walls. Is every life a life worth living? When does help ultimately prolong the suffering? And most of all, when is the right moment to let go?


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