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Category |Current Affairs, Human Rights, Justice, Politics, Women
Year | 2013
Country | China
Running time | 68’
Format | HDV
Production | CNEX Foundation Limited, EVO Productions
Director | Huijing XU

In the Chinese village Ma, almost all of its women of child-bearing age are either sterilised or made to wear a birth control ring after having their first child. The one-child policy put into place 30 years ago has meant a series of legal repercussions, including penalties for extra children and what can only be described as «birth control policing».

Xu Huijing returns to his village to tailgate the government officials whose current job is playing cat-and-mouse with a woman who refuses to go through the sterilisation surgery. As Rong Rong is forced into hiding, we get a glimpse of the bureaucracy and statistics that strip away women’s rights to bear children.

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