After Work


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After Work

Category |Addiction, Society, Human interest, Economy
Year | 2023
Country | Sweden, Italy, Norway
Running time | 80’
Format |
Production | Fasad, Indie Film, Propaganda
Director | Erik Gandini

Most jobs that exist today might disappear within decades. What will this mean to us as human beings? Through four stories After Work explores what may happen to us when we don’t work.

In the next 15 years, it is estimated that about half of the workforce will be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence. Are we ready for this change? What will it entail on an existential level? What will we do, in essence, when we no longer have to work?

Through the direct experiences of its protagonists in four emblematic nations - Kuwait, South Korea, USA and Italy - After Work explores what could be the new work ethic, compatible with a future "work free existence”.


"Gandini's message is clear: our attitude towards work must be reevaluated, and preparing for a new era begins with a shift in each individual's mindset.
- SCREENANACHY, Martin Kudlac

"Past and Present Collide in Moving Documentary ‘Between Revolutions,’ Charting the Uprisings in Iran, Romania"
- VARIETY by Christopher Vourlias

"An Iranian and a Romanian student reflect on the repercussions of the revolutions in their own nations, in this clever and moving documentary consisting entirely of archive footage (and with a twist!)"


After Work


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