Until Cancer Do Us Part

Category |Health, Human Interest, Love
Year | 2016
Country | Finland
Running time | 86’ - 52'
Format | HD
Production | Pampas Production
Director | Jan-Olof Svarvar

My close friend was told that he suffered from the most aggressive form of brain cancer, also known as “the terminator”. The mortality rate is 100%. The doctors gave him a year to live. He has a large family and his youngest daughter was only four years old when he got the diagnose.

In this documentary we follow him, his wife and the children, through the road filled with both love and despair – from diagnosis to death. The film portrays the entire process in a very personal, naked and loving manner. Cancer is an almost national disease. Everyone knows someone who has suffered from cancer. Although many can be cured today, a cancer diagnosis always reminds us that we are mortal and about the important values of life.

Until Cancer Do Us Part is a highly touching, inspiring and timeless documentary. This film shows that even in the midst of the darkest tragedy the lust for life and fighting spirit can survive. Most of all this is a story about the power of love.

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