by Heddy Honigmann
V.O.F. Appel & Honigmann
| 86’&52’ | The Netherlands | 2018 | HD |
In this poignant and carefully composed portrait of six guide dogs and their owners, Heddy Honigmann explores the close bond between animal and human. Buddy is an ode to the fighting spirit of the main characters and a loving portrait of the deep bond between man and dog.


Cody - the dog days are over

by Martin Skalsky
Buzzinho Codestar GmbH , Playground Media Productions AG
| 85’&52’ | Switzerland | 2019 | 4K |

Are we capable to give animals rights? What would it mean if we’d decided to do so? Would it have an effect on the most crucial topics of our time: environmental responsibility, climate change, etc.? /td>


Duck Academy

by Suriyon Jongleepun Payai Creation | 52’ | Thailand | 2019
Thousands of ducks, one farmer, and an ultimate goal to produce chemical-free rice.

In the Name of the Animals

by Sabine Kueckelmann
Sabine Kueckelmann
| 104’ - 52’ | Germany | 2015 | HD |
“The film powerfully explores how people say they “love” animals (cats and dogs) but see others just as a food source or byproduct. This film explores the deplorable and inhumane treatment this creates as a result. It makes us take a hard look at ourselves and how we so easily close our eyes to their suffering, unwilling to confront the endless pain and cruelty at our own hands.” (Jury Accolade Award)


by Manu Coeman
AT Production/AT-DOC, Planète Vie
| 52' - 63' | Belgium | 2011 | HD |
This documentary is a fierce indictment of the industrialized meat industry. The objective is to demonstrate the consequences of our excessive meat consumption: for the animals, for the earth, but also for our own bodies.


My Pet and Me

by Johan Kramer
| 76’&52’ | Netherlands | 2022 | 4:3 |
My Pet and Me is an endearing and tragicomic portrait of a couple of colourful people and their beloved pets. In a light-hearted quest, director Johan Kramer explores the meaning of love between humans and animals, gently touching on themes such as loneliness, comfort, and loss. His intimate approach produces several heart-warming and sometimes absurdist scenes.

The Last Male on Earth

by Floor van der Meulen
Stichting Een van de jongens, Casettes for Timescapes (BEL), Magellan Films (BEL)
| 72’ & 54’ | Netherlands, Belgium, Germany | 2019 | 4K |
Now that only one male Northern White Rhino is left on earth, he is guarded by bodyguards, journalists and tourists rush to Kenya to see him and scientists are determined to save his species. What is the attraction of his imminent extinction? And what does this say about us?


by Marco de Stefanis
Volya Films - Cassette for timescapes | 84’ - 55’ | Netherlands - Belgium | 2016 | HD
Who is more restrained in Qalqilya, its citizens or the zoo animals? The village is for the most part surrounded by Israel’s wall. A lot of the zoo animals were killed during the intifadas, and most recently a giraffe couple.

Wild. Life, Death and Love in a Wildlife Hospital

by Danel Elpeleg, Uriel Sinai
Anemos Productions
| 60’ | Israel | 2018 | HD |
Patient-doctor relationships are always complex, but when the patient cannot talk or make decisions for himself it becomes particularly complicated. This is the everyday reality for the protagonists of this film: Ariella, a veterinarian, and Shmulik, the chief caretaker of a wildlife hospital.