*Göteborg International Film Festival (Sweden)
* Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece)
* Enfances dans le Monde (Paris, France)
* Docudays UA (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
* CineDoc (Athens, Greece)
* Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)
* CineDoc-Tbilisi - Documentary film festival (Georgia )
* Neiße Filmfestival (Germany)
* doxs! documentaries for children and youth (Germany)
* GRAMNet Film Series (Glasgow, UK)
* “Rolan” International Film Festival for Children and Young People (Yerevan, Armenia)

* Nordic/Docs Award for Best Nordic Documentary Medium Length
The jury stated:
"This film proves the power of classic observational documentary to capture a family in crisis, with intimacy and respect along with a critical edge."
* Prix Europa Nomination

I Am Kuba

Category |Education, Human Interest, Migration, Social Issues, Youth
Year | 2014
Country | Norway / Poland / Germany
Running time | 58’
Format | HD
Production | Sant & Usant, AMP Polska, Poland
Director | Ase Svenheim Drivenes

Kuba (12) and Mikołaj's (8) parents are forced to leave Poland to find work after their family business goes bankrupt. "I am Kuba" is a coming-of-age film about Kuba who looks after his little brother while his parents are away. The task is not easy when Kuba struggles with has his own worries and teenage dilemmas. As time goes by Kuba start rejecting the big responsibilty on his young shoulders. The family is forced to make life changing decision.

Kuba is a responsible big brother. He is proud of the task he is given. He cooks, picks up his brother from school and make sure they go to bed at a reasonable time. On the phone from Vienna his mum tells him that it won't be long until they will live together, but time goes by and the responsibility at home is becoming more challenging. He starts doubting his mum's promises. Kuba becomes a teenager and he prefers to hang out with friends than taking care of his little brother.

Kuba's story is also the story about modern Europe. It is estimated that only in Poland more than 100,000 children are left by their parents who are forced to work abroad. «I am Kuba» is an intimate film about children growing up as 'euro-orphans'.

FILM WEBSITE : www.iamkuba.no

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