by Sinead O'Shea
Blinder Films Limited, Spring Films, SOS Productions
| 82’ | Ireland | 2017 | HD |
Filmed over five years, this unflinching darkly humorous documentary examines violence committed by groups opposed to the peace process in Northern Ireland, long after the Troubles came to an end. The title is no exaggeration.

A Stranger’s Skin

by Christophe Hermans
FraKas Productions
| 51’ | Belgique | 2011 | |

Arnaud is a 20 year old young man. Following the death of his mother three years ago, he has dropped out of his studies and taken refuge in food to fill the void. He now weighs 177 kilos and lives with his father, with whom he quarrels constantly. Arnaud has reached the point where he has decided to undergo a stomach reduction operation....

After Work

After Work

by Erik Gandini
Fasad, Indie Film, Propaganda
| 80’ | Sweden, Italy, Norway | 2023 | |
The majority of jobs that exists today will disappear within a few decades. As technology surpasses human capacity, we have the opportunity to rethink the role of work in our lives. Are we ready for an excess of time? For a work-free existence? Sweeping across four continents, the film describes widely different lives where some barely spend any time outside of work while others bathe in leisure. Through these stories and characters we are thrown into the existential tension between that which is and that which could be.


by Jérôme le Maire
AT Production/AT-DOC, Iota Production (Belgium), Louise Productions (Switzerland), Zadig (France)
| 82’ | Belgium-France | 2016 | HD |
Burning out follows a group of doctors and their team crushed by a profitability injunction of our contemporary world. Could they resist ? If the caregivers are suffering who will treat them ?

by Dominic Allan
Firewalk Films
| 86’ - 52’ | UK | 2011 | HD
Never believe you've played your last hand..

French painter Jean Marc Calvet recounts his incredible life story as a former Cannes bodyguard who abandoned his family, robbed a Miami mobster, hid out in Central America and at the age of 38 overcame addictions through an extraordinary metamorphosis in which he began to paint.

by Eve Marson
Bungalow Pictures
| 83 | USA | 2016 | |

The story of Dr. William Hurwitz a preeminent pain specialist sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug trafficking provides a window into the ethical dilemma of opioid prescriptions. Painkillers give doctors tremendous power to relieve pain, but this power begets trouble when the same drugs lead to addiction, abuse and death..

Ininnawa: An Island Calling

by Arfan Sabran
Two Islands Digital (PT Dua Pulau Digital)
| 73’&52’ | Indonesia | 2022 | 2K |
Ininnawa: An Island Calling explores the difficulties the world’s largest archipelago faces in providing health care. An out of sight, out of mind approach has failed her people. It is a story of obligation and sacrifice, told through a family dedicating their lives to this pursuit in the remote islands of the Flores Sea. Mimi is a mother of two who until recently had left her first child at school in the city and worked on the islands, more than 30 hours sea travel from South Sulawesi, together with her youngest child and under the mentorship of her mother Rabiah. As veteran nurse Rabiah begins retirement, and prepares to pass the baton to Mimi, she finds herself once more on the islands in an unofficial caretaker role, while Mimi gives birth to her 3rd child and the Covid pandemic limits access to the islands. Rabiah and Mimi’s stories reveal issues that are important and timely to address. 15 years ago, Indonesia’s government pledged to help the many 1000’s of people living remotely, to have better access to quality medical care. This has not transpired. And with a shortage of willing and able workers, options for nurses are proving few. Mimi’s challenges, her fears and anxiety, unfold on screen as she begins her work as an independent remote area nurse. But for how long can Mimi stay strong and separate from her young family? And how long can Rabiah resist the call of her islands.


Mr. Engel - Sexonomic Miracle

by Peter Woditsch, Sophie Simon
Sophimages sprl, Magellan Films
| 65’ - 54’ | Belgium | 2024 | |
At the end of his life, Germany’s most legendary brothel owner ENGEL reveals his secret art collection. A journey for him to find peace after the tragedy of war.

by Phil Lawrence
Little Dog Big Bite Films Inc., Frozen Feet Films & Channel Z Films
| 78’ | USA | 2010 | BDIG 16:9 |

What happens when you stop taking antidepressants? A successful suburban dad who is tired of feeling “numb” decides to quit taking antidepressants and documents the drastic effects on his physical and psychological well-being. His wife and kids wonder what happened to man they once knew. “Numb” also reveals startling new information the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know.

State of Play

by Steven Dhoedt
VisualAntics, Minch&Films
| 85’ - 55' | Belgium | 2013 | |
In Seoul, hundreds of young boys compete to be the best at one single video game: Starcraft. As top players earn hundreds of thousands of euros, being a professional gamer isn’t only a wise career move, it is also the path to respect and credibility in the highly competitive society of South Korea. The stars of the Starcraft league are national celebrities, participating on all levels of popular culture.But what happens when play becomes work? For some it will be a struggle to stay on top of their game, for others it might be the turning point of their lives.