Dr. Feelgood

by Eve Marson
Bungalow Pictures
| 83 | USA | 2016 | |
The story of Dr. William Hurwitz a preeminent pain specialist sentenced to 25 years in prison for drug trafficking provides a window into the ethical dilemma of opioid prescriptions. Painkillers give doctors tremendous power to relieve pain, but this power begets trouble when the same drugs lead to addiction, abuse and death..


by Žiga Virc
Studio Virc - Nukleus Film - Sutor Kolonko | 88’ | Slovenia - Croatia - Germany | 2016 | HD
Cold War-era international intrigue, declassified top-secret documents, and a clandestine deal between John F. Kennedy and Yugoslavia’s president Josip Tito are just the tip of the iceberg in this absorbing docu-fiction.

Let there be Light

by Mila Aung-Thwin
| 80’&52’ | Canada | 2017 | 4K |
The world’s most complex science experiment is humanity’s greatest hope for the future of clean energy.


Make People Better

by Cody Sheehy
Rhumbline Media, LLC, Random Good Films
| 83’ & 52' | USA | 2022 | |
In 2018, the Chinese scientist Dr. He Jiankui crossed a Rubicon in human evolution by altering the genetic structure of embryos to produce the world’s first genome-edited babies.



by Nicholas Bruckman
| 84’ & 52’ | USA | 2023 | |
A renegade group of outsider artists are thrust into the global limelight when they embrace a powerful new technology, but they must reckon with the controversies that threaten to collapse the wild world of NFTs.

Shock Room

by Kathryn Millard
Charlie Productions
| 70’ | Australia | 2015 | HD |
In the early 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram, in seeking to understand the Holocaust, ran a series of controversial experiments on obedience. An authority orders you to inflict painful shocks on another person. Most of us will obey, claimed Milgram. But will we? And were Milgram’s experiments as much art as science? In dramatising previously un-filmed versions of the world’s most famous psychology experiment, Shock Room turns a light on the dark side of human behavior and forces us to ask ourselves: what would I do?