A Diary of Healing

by Marie Mandy
The Factory, Fontana (Belgique)
| 91' | Belgium | France | 2010 | HDCAM |
The director learns she has breast cancer. Her life is turned upside down. Her journey through the medical world, part of an artistic and personal quest, achieves unprecedented intimacy with the disease.


Between Revolutions

by Vlad Petri
Activ Docs, Restart (Oliver Sertic)
| 68' | Romania, Croatia | 2023 | |
Two women separated by political revolutions find connection through letters, defying distance and turmoil.


by Dries Engels, Bart Van Peel
Serendipity Films, Iota Production
| 60’ | Belgium | 2010 | HD BDIG 16/9 |
On June 30, 1960, Congo became independent from Belgium. On Wednesday June 29, 1960, around half past four in the afternoon, the German photographer Robert Lebeck shot the picture of his life. A young black unexpectedly steals the sabre of King Baudouin, and seals herewith the independence. Later, the photographer went looking for this man, but he had vanished. An anonymous note in history. In 2009 and 2010, a small Belgium crew went to Congo and met several “suspects” and discovered some amazing theories about the how and why of this deed. And finally, they found the thief!

Burma Soldier

by Nic Dunlop, Ricki Stern, Annie Sundberg
leBrocquy Fraser Productions
| 70’ - 54’ | Ireland, Burma, Thailand, USA | 2010 | HDCam |
“Only when there is discipline will there be progress” reads the billboard on the side of a Burmese road. Indeed, “discipline” by the standards of the ruling Burmese army means keeping civilians living in terror, and violently crushing any sign of dissent. Myo Mint knows this first hand – he entered the army as a teenager, attracted by the promise of security and power. But his harrowing stint came to an equally harrowing end when an arm and leg were blown away whilst clearing mines. Discharged and disillusioned, he began to try to educate himself – illicitly through banned books – on just why Burma was at war with itself. He soon became an outspoken activist, campaigning against the very regime he used to represent – a dangerous undertaking which soon led to brutal repercussions. Using smuggled footage, Burma Soldier tells us Mint’s story, in so doing shedding light on the ever present fear that drives both civilians and soldiers in this tragic land.

Ethiopiques - Revolt of the Soul

by Maciek Bochniak
Pokromski Studio, P’Artisan Film Produktion GmbH
| 70’ & 52’ | Poland, Germany, UK | 2017 | |
The story of forgotten Ethiopian musicians who became a considerable inspiration for free jazz and pop music nowadays.


by Žiga Virc
Studio Virc - Nukleus Film - Sutor Kolonko | 88’ | Slovenia - Croatia - Germany | 2016 | HD
Cold War-era international intrigue, declassified top-secret documents, and a clandestine deal between John F. Kennedy and Yugoslavia’s president Josip Tito are just the tip of the iceberg in this absorbing docu-fiction.


by Monique Busman
| De Familie | 86’ - 52' | The Netherlands | 2011 | HD
Starting in 1956, people who wanted to have a sex change operation could go to gynecologist Georges Burou in Casablanca - without having to undergo any psychological assessment. Filmmaker Michiel van Erp asks some of these pioneers, all old women now, if the choice that they made back then has changed their lives as they had hoped. How did the outside world react to this first generation of transsexuals?

In God’s Hand (In der Hand Gottes)

by Peter Woditsch
Sophimages, Artisan Filme, Germany, Hamburg
| 67’ - 56’ | Belgium | 2014 | HD |
One day they followed their vocation. As priests, they preached love relentlessly, sacrificing body and soul. But slowly, doubts started to grow. In order to keep their faith alive, they decided to leave the church, without looking back. The story of three former priests, a Belgian, an Austrian and a German; Three intimate confessions confronted with the personal view of the film director.


by Stefan Constantinescu & Julio Soto
Thinklab Media - Hi Film
| Romania | 80’ & 54’ | 2009 | HD |

My Beautiful Daciais a light hearted and humoristic portrayal of the evolution of Romania from Communism to Capitalism, seen through the eyes of its most emblematic symbol, the Dacia automobile. In our film, we will follow different generations of Romanians - from the old nostalgic to the young entrepreneurs - showing the present transformation of Romanian society. The connecting point between the different stories is always the Dacia car: first, a symbol of the ambitions of Communist technology and now a reflection of the new global economy. In 1999, Dacia was bought by Renault and nowadays it’s a best-selling car in developing markets.

Shock Room

by Kathryn Millard
Charlie Productions
| 70’ | Australia | 2015 | HD |
In the early 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram, in seeking to understand the Holocaust, ran a series of controversial experiments on obedience. An authority orders you to inflict painful shocks on another person. Most of us will obey, claimed Milgram. But will we? And were Milgram’s experiments as much art as science? In dramatising previously un-filmed versions of the world’s most famous psychology experiment, Shock Room turns a light on the dark side of human behavior and forces us to ask ourselves: what would I do?

The Man Nobody Knew. In Search of My Father CIA Spymaster William Colby

by Carl Colby
Cactus Three
| 104’ - 54’ | USA | 2011 | HDCAM |
He was among the most influential spymasters in American history: a secret operative in hot and cold war zones, an architect of concealed intelligence programs across the globe, and ultimately, the country’s most controversial Director of the CIA.

The Man who mends Women

by Thierry Michel
Les Films de la Passerelle, Ryva production Eric van Zuylen
| 115’ - 52’ | Belgium | 2015 | HD |
Winner of the Sakharov Prize 2014, Doctor Mukwege is internationally known as the man who mends thousands of women who have been raped during the 20 years of conflicts in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His endless struggle to put an end to these atrocities and denounce the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators is not welcome. But he is no longer alone in his struggle. The women to whom he has restored physical integrity and dignity, stand beside him, true activists for peace, hungry for justice.


by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
| Little Monster Films | 83’ | USA | 2013 | HD
Touba reveals a face of Islam essential to these divisive times. It chronicles the Grand Magaal pilgrimage of 1 million Sufi Muslims to the holy city of Touba, Senegal. This observational film takes us inside the Mouride Brotherhood: one of Africa’s most elusive organizations. Pilgrims travel from all over the world to pay homage to the life and teachings of Cheikh Amadou Bamba. His non-violent resistance to French colonial persecution in the late 19th century inspired a national movement: freedom of religious expression through pacifism. These are lessons the world can learn.