Fly So Far


* The Ibero-American Cinema Competition Grand Jury Prize - Seattle International Film Festival
Jury Statement:
“For a compelling documentary focused on the efforts of 17 El Salvadoran women imprisoned for decades for terminated pregnancies, deemed ‘aggravated homicides’ under El Salvadoran law. Led by Teodora Vasquez—sentenced to 30 years for a miscarriage after being mugged—the women unite and fuel a movement for reproductive rights chronicled here with stirring emotion. We proudly award the Grand Jury Prize to FLY SO FAR directed by Celina Escher, for its deeply moving and visually stunning cinematic testament to indomitable courage.”
* The Activist Documentary Award - Movies that Matter Festival 2021
* Nordisk Panorama: Honourable Mention 2021
* Brave Woman Award - Budapest International Documentary Festival

Fly so Far

Category |Current Affairs, Human Rights, Justice, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2020
Country | Sweden
Running time | 88'
Format | 2K & 4K
Production | Pramfilm AB, Sugar Rush Productions, Chimbolo Films
Director | Celina Escher

‘Fly So Far’ follows Teodora Vázquez, the spokesperson of The Seventeen, which is a group of women accused of aggravated homicide in El Salvador for having had a miscarriage. The film is conducted by Teodora’s journey from being in prison to become an activist for women’s rights.

When the film starts Teodora is still in jail, fighting for her freedom. After being imprisoned for almost eleven years she gets released, thanks to the help of the feminist movement and Human Rights organizations.

Strong and determined, she continues fighting for the freedom of those women still in the Ilopango prison, as well as for their reintegration in society once released. Inside jail the women keep on waiting for their sentences to be reconsidered.

The film highlights the possibilities of resistance through collective struggle. We will closely follow the women’s journey from being victims of a misogynist and classist system that criminalizes abortion no matter the circumstances, to activists fighting for women's rights. We will see the women in their daily life inside jail, hear their testimonies and in some cases, see them going back to life outside bars. Besides their struggle we will get to hear the arguments of the conservative actors who defend the total ban on abortion.

‘Fly So Far’ is then a reflection on a system that punishes women, but also about the possibilities of empowerment and resistance both from freedom and from jail.