* 2015 Hof International Film Festival (München, Germany)

* Accolade Film Award - Award of Excellence Special Mention
“The film powerfully explores how people say they “love” animals (cats and dogs) but see others just as a food source or byproduct. This film explores the deplorable and inhumane treatment this creates as a result. It makes us take a hard look at ourselves and how we so easily close our eyes to their suffering, unwilling to confront the endless pain and cruelty at our own hands.” (Jury Accolade Award)

In the Name of the Animals

Category |Animals, Environment, Human Interest, Social Issues
Year | 2015
Country | Germany
Running time | 104’ - 52’
Format | HD
Production | Sabine Kueckelmann
Director | Sabine Kueckelmann

The film explores the ambivalent relationship of people and their fellow creatures, animals. The relationship between human beings and animals is ambivalent. The common man see’s in animals a creature that can be used for their needs –certain animals, mainly cats, dogs and horses we show a deferred preference toward. Other animals are nothing more than a food source or byproduct, and it shows in our treatment of them. We produce animals in factories, under extreme conditions for our culinary, medical, and experimental or fashion desires. How is it possible that people can think they love animals while at the same time they close their eyes to their suffering, not willing to confront the endless pain and cruelty at their own hands?

This is schizophrenic behaviour and yet we continue to turn a blind eye. The fact that meat, feathers, leather, and fur is the body of an animal, having an individual character and personality, has been produced solely for human needs and wants and was butchered entirely against its will, is continually repressed.

Bernhard George Shaw once stated: "The greatest sin against our fellow creatures is not hate, but their half-heartedness. That is the nature of inhumanity.“

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