* Human Rights Film Festival

* DocEmmys Award for Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary

Belly of the Beast

Category |Current Affairs, Human Rights, Investigative Journalism, Justice, Politics, Social Issues, Women
Year | 2020
Country | USA
Running time | 81'
Format | HD
Production | Belly of the Beast LLC
Director | Erika Cohn

When a courageous young woman and a radical lawyer discover a pattern of illegal involuntary sterilizations in California’s women’s prison system, they take to the courtroom to wage a near-impossible battle against the Department of Corrections.

With a growing team of investigators inside prison working with colleagues on the outside, they uncover a series of statewide crimes - from dangerously inadequate health care to sexual assault to coercive sterilizations - primarily targeting women of color. But no one believes them.

This shocking legal drama captured over seven years features extraordinary access and intimate accounts from currently and formerly incarcerated women, demanding our attention to a shameful and ongoing legacy of eugenics and reproductive injustice in the United States.