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* Salem Film Fest (USA)
* Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland)
* Moscow International Film Festival (Russia)
* Berlin Korean Independent Film Festival (Germany)

Old Marine Boy

Category |Human Interest, Social Issues
Year | 2017
Country | South Korea, Finland
Running time | 85’ & 52’
Format | HD
Production | My Love Films, Illume Oy
Director | Moyoung Jin

Myongho Park (51 yrs old) was born in North Korea and was a soldier for 20 years there. 10 years ago, Myongho sailed in the darkness of the west sea and crossed the border with his family. In South Korea, he makes a living as a meoguri (diver) at a small fishing village in the east coast of Korea, Myongho is a hard worker and now branded as a successful “North Korea defector” by South Korean government.

Myongho who wears 50kg metal and bronze helmet, depending only on a single oxygen line, catches sea products underwater. He could die in any minute if this oxygen line goes wrong. He is always on the line between life and death. In his village, only 6 deep sea divers out of 25 are left now. So, he always fears of his sudden death underwater. But, Myongho still has to cross the line between life and death everyday to fish.

As a diver, he earns a lot of money. On surface, he seems settles down in the South very well. But, buying a house for the first time in his life, buying a boat and car and even opening a seafood restaurant are all his desperate efforts to protect his family from his sudden death underwater, which they never talk aloud.

Myongho once crossed the most dangerous borderline in the past for his family and, now he constantly crosses the line between life and death for his family. He doesn’t say NO to life. It is not easy. But, he goes for it! His life doesn’t always turn out the way he wants. He sometimes fails, hurt and takes risks on his life. Myongho’s life resembles our life as well. The camera follows Myongho’s struggles underwater and conflict with his son on the boat and their life changes after opening the restaurant.

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